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Franchise conditions

1, some business philosophy, franchise operators should be confident of the company's operating operations, identify with the company's service concept.

2. Have a certain understanding of local similar products market and consumers.

3, good management, leadership ability to authorize distributors.

4, there must be financial strength, maintenance operation.

5, Have the relevant service knowledge needed for the operation.

Franchise form

First, the basic conditions of regional agency

1, must have independent legal person qualification and all the licenses for business activities. The formalities are in conformity with the laws and regulations of the state.

2, have the courage and confidence of entrepreneurship, commitment to gas appliance industry market development and sales. Willing to grow and develop with our company.

3, agree with the company's business philosophy and corporate culture; can accept the company's product knowledge, marketing training and management.

4, there is a certain size of the business place, there are certain sales channels and market networks.

5, have good business reputation and professional ethics.

Two, the company's obligations to the regional agency

1, the company should be comprehensive, systematic and continuous to do "loose Yi" brand national market planning, publicity, promotion, services and other work. In order to ensure the "loose" brand in the same industry has a competitive advantage, enhance brand awareness, in the minds of consumers to establish a good brand image.

2, to ensure that the "Song Yi" brand in the country with a unified image of the face of the user, the company will be based on the specific circumstances, part of regional agency area signs, advertising signs, storefront decoration provide support.

3, the company should timely and constantly develop and develop marketable, affordable new products. Make the products more professional, serialized and quality oriented.

4, the company has the obligation to assist regional agents in the local open cooperative stores and distribution outlets and engineering projects, timely provision of industrial and commercial registration information, trademark registration, enterprise product standard certificate, quality inspection report, quality commitment documents and other related documents.

5, The company provides market feasibility analysis report, marketing plan to the regional agent, and provides the compulsory training guidance for the agent.

6, the company guarantees the quality of "loose" products in line with enterprise standards or industry standards or national standards.

7, the company regularly or irregularly send market personnel to visit regional agents, assist, guide regional agents to develop the local market.

8, the company regularly provide various related promotional materials, brochures, poster, display, advertising and other promotional items such as clothing, to the regional agent.

9, according to the sales performance of regional agents, the company formulate sales incentives, implement the year-end rebate policy and a number of preferential incentives.

Three, Support for regional agents

1, information support: through the Yi Yi website to the fastest, most convenient, the simplest way to provide business platform for regional agents.

2, technical support: regularly hold professional technical knowledge and marketing knowledge training class, to help regional agents and their employees to quickly enter the work state, enhance business competitiveness.

3, promotion support: organize regional agents for local or national product promotion activities, participate in domestic large industry exhibition, invite well-known industry experts regularly hold product knowledge seminars, marketing, promotion planning, etc..

4, business support: irregular dispatch business management personnel, marketing planning personnel, assist sales personnel to help agents develop the market.

5, storage and transportation support: to provide adequate supply, quality and quantity, timely follow-up shipments.

Four, Prophase preparation of regional agency contract

1, investigate the local market, timely feedback market information, fill in the "regional agency market questionnaire".

2, Investigate each other's information and fill in the application form of regional agency qualification.

3, communicate with each other, reach a preliminary intention, determine the signing time.

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